The Eagles Have Landed

We had a great turnout on Saturday at Pennypack on the Delaware for the BirdPhilly led Bird Walk. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and to Tony and Matt for teaching us all a thing or two. We were able to see everything from Herring Gulls to Red-Bellied Woodpeckers. We even saw a pair of bald eagles that call the park home, perched majestically on a branch next to their nest.

If you missed this walk, don’t worry! We’ll keep you updated about upcoming walks in the next month or two along the greenway! If you are interested, check out the list below of other bird species we witnessed on the walk and get out to the greenway to see if you can spot them yourself:


Canada Goose


Red-tailed Hawk

American Kestrel


American Crow

Fish Crow

American Tree Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Northern Mockingbird

Downy Woodpecker


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