Yes, There IS An Amazing Park Behind the Prisons in Holmesburg

We hear it a lot, “I didn’t know there was a park behind the prisons.” Well, there IS. And guess what? It is GREAT. “Pennypack on the Delaware Park” (PODP) is an amazing multifaceted public space that serves not only as a space for ball games and picnics, but also as a diverse ecological wonderland filled with beavers, bald eagles, nature paths, prime fishing and many other events. This diverse 65-acre park originally opened in 1998 and was expanded with a nature section in 2008. In 2018, we hope to connect the park even further north via the Baxter trail along the river to Pleasant Hill Park on Linden Ave

There really is something for everyone “behind the prisons”. Looking for place to kick the soccer ball around with your kid? PODP’s got it! Looking for a relaxing stroll through the woods to watch the fall foliage to feel like you aren’t in the city anymore? PODP is your park for that. Or are you just looking for a great view of the river and some peace and quiet? Why not try out PODP’s massive grass pier and watch the calming sailboats float by? Are you more of a nature lover? Than you will be in awe of the biodiversity filling the meadows at the north end of the park.

Year round, we here are DRCC are hosting a variety of events for the public in PODP. In the fall and winter months, join us for nature walks and biring excursions, where in the past we’ve seen more than 30 species of birds in one outing. In the summer, join us for our FREE Outdoor Movie Series, fun for the whole family. This year we are working on adding concerts to the event calendar and other fun festivals that everyone in the community will enjoy.

So next time you hear someone say “it’s just the prisons down there,” tell them what they are missing! We’ll see you out in the park!

About Lindsay Brzowski

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