Summer 2016 in a Nutshell!

With summer drawing to a close, we have a minute to catch our breaths here in the DRCC office, and to take stock of what a truly tremendous past few months we’ve had!


On June 9, the K&T Trail Phase 1 broke ground at Lardner’s Point Park. This extension will be the newest addition to the city’s network of trails.


6. K&T Phase 1

Frankford Boat Launch to Magee Ave (1.1 miles)

Upon completion of this phase in approximately one year, construction should begin on the second phase.

9. K&T Phase 2

Magee Ave to Princeton Ave


In terms of community engagement, this summer was a major turning point for DRCC! Attendance at our four movie nights skyrocketed, with hundreds of families coming out to enjoy the some summer ambiance in beautiful Pennypack on the Delaware!



Lastly, let’s not forget that in the midst of all this excitement, DRCC in conjunction with PEW Charitable Trusts treated local elected officials to a walking tour of Lardner’s Point Park on July 12, specifically showcasing it’s living shoreline restoration – a project which replaced a hardened urban shoreline with living shorelines, reducing erosion while providing habitat value and enhancing coastal resilience.


All in all, here at DRCC, we are working tirelessly to revitalize Northeast Philadelphia and unlock it’s energetic and thriving potential! Stay tuned, and an enormous thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way!

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