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The Delaware River City Corp. (DRCC) exists in order to build, maintain and promote the North Delaware Greenway. The North Delaware Greenway is regionally strategic as it is a portion of the urban, multi-state corridor, the East Coast Greenway, which connects similar projects from Maine to Florida. In partnership with many others, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Philadelphia Commerce Department and Department of Parks and Recreation, and the local civic organizations, the DRCC is making the dream a reality.

To assure the completion of the North Delaware Greenway, DRCC will provide:

  • Project management services to guide the planning team, Parks & Recreation's Fairmount Park, PennDOT, and other implementation players. Along with coordinating designers and government agencies, DRCC will engage with all of the property owners who border on and encroach on the corridor. DRCC’s project management role includes:

    • Coordinating federal funding through PennDOT, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Philadelphia Streets Department
    • Managing the budget during the construction phase
    • Oversight to assure construction in a cost effective manor
    • Coordinating with city, state, and federal agencies for permits and inspections
    • Negotiating complex agreements with the PA Fish and Boat Commission on trail segments running through two public boat launches
    • Meeting with various property owners to review the greenway plans and ensure that concerns are addressed
    • Coordinating with Pennsylvania Environmental Council on ecological restoration projects
    • Investigating strategies for land acquisition including land trusts.

• Project management services to coordinate the appropriate state and city departments for the issuing of Request for Proposals (RFPs) and the coordination of the selection committees.

• Construction oversight and spot inspections, during construction of the trail segments, parks, and connectors.

Maintain and Promote
As the segments of the Greenway including trail segments, parks, and connectors are completed, DRCC will provide:

  • An enhanced level of trail maintenance and security in coordination with the City of Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • Opportunities for community participation. Targeting the six neighborhoods in the Greenway and the many interests groups beyond the adjacent neighborhoods, the DRCC will recruit volunteers to enhance the Greenway through trail stewardship, introduce recreational activities, and generate financial support to assure the Greenway’s viability over the long term.

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