About Us


The  Delaware River City Corp. (DRCC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to transform the underutilized North Delaware riverfront corridor in Northeast Philadelphia by reconnecting the people, places, businesses, and neighborhoods of the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding region to the Delaware River while simultaneously promoting a diversity of uses through implementation of the North Delaware Riverfront Greenway Plan.


We envision a revitalized riverfront with a broad diversity of uses, including a prominent greenway with publicly accessible parks and open space, a continuous recreational trail, thriving businesses and industry, new residential communities, green connector streets to adjacent neighborhoods, and an ecologically restored riverbank.

The Delaware River City Corp. (DRCC) was formed in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by former Congressman Robert Borski. In 2006,  the City of Philadelphia named the DRCC to facilitate the implementation of the North Delaware Riverfront Greenway Plan.

The completed Greenway Plan includes:

  •  Eleven miles of riverfront greenway, inlcuding trails, parks, green connector streets, and trailheads with parking and restrooms.
  • Neighbors, local civic organizations, businesses, and visitors engaged in maintaining and assisting with the security of the Greenway.
  • A volunteer infrastructure providing leadership for communications, trail tending, park management, and fundraising committees.


Despite the importance of the Delaware and other local rivers to Philadelphia’s economy and culture, the Delaware has been treated as a back door to the city through pollution and little investment. This 50 year trend began to change in the 1990s and continues today with greenway projects and community development.

Interest in a North Delaware renaissance was catalyzed by then-Congressman Bob Borski, who invited regional government and business leaders on a boat cruise along the river. Miles of vacant property, environmental damage, and the resilient Delaware inspired these leaders to address the opportunities of the underutilized riverfront.

With local elected officials’ support, the City and the Delaware River Port Authority funded the development of a new Vision Plan by the Philadelphia’s City Planning Commission and partners, which addressed how the Delaware Riverfront could become the front door to new mixed-use neighborhoods, ecological restoration and public recreational opportunities.

To further this “green infrastructure” aspect of the Plan, Bob Borski and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) invited riverfront businesses, leaders of riverfront Community Development Corporations, City agencies and cabinet members, non-profit organizations, and elected officials to participate on the Northeast Riverfront Task Force to shape community vision for the riverfront.

It was during this process, in 2004, that Congressman Borski formed a non-profit organization, the Delaware River City Corp. (DRCC).  The North Delaware Greenway Master Plan (2005) lays out the physical infrastructure to be built. In 2006, the entity was recognized by the City of Philadelphia and charged to guide and facilitate the implementation process for the Greenway Plan, to bring it to its fullest and best fruition.

In late 2008, the DRCC and the Fairmount Parks Commission dedicated the first new trail segment between Pennypack on the Delaware Park to the mouth of the Pennypack Creek. The Pennypack Park Trail Extension project includes ¾ miles of paved trail, benches and trash receptacles, as well as, a crushed stone path leading to an overlook at the mouth of the Pennypack Creek.

Since then, the DRCC has been building several other trail segments and parks, including Lardner’s Point Park, which opened in May 2012. Like the Pennypack Park Trail Extension, Lardner’s Point has become a local destination. By working with  partners, funders, and other supporters, the DRCC hopes to realize the vision of a renewed North Delaware Riverfront that is a local and regional asset.