Photo Contest

CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS! DRCC wants your nature photos! Starting today, we are holding a photography contest in the parks and trails of the North Delaware Riverfront Greenway! We will award one winner each month with a DRCC prize pack. Winners will be announced via DRCC social media on the final day of each month.


The Fine Print: Rules and Decisions – Photographers can submit as many images as they would like by tagging their photos with #TheDelawareForLife . (Be sure to check your privacy settings for pictures you chose to tag – they must be public for us to view them). Photos must be taken by you personally and not owned by anyone else. The photographer must have permission from anyone who appears in the photo. Pictures must be from October 20th 2017 and forward (ending October 15th 2018). Photos must be taken on the parks or trails of the Greenway (no side streets, private properties, etc.). DO NOT trespass on anyone’s property or endanger yourself to take a photograph. Any individual can only win once during this 12-month contest.


Have fun & get snappin’!